30 girl names starting with T – with detailed meanings & origin

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You haven’t been able to decide on a suitable maiden name yet? It is no wonder that many parents-to- be cannot make up their minds when faced with the flood of first name . In order to support you in your upcoming name search, in this article we will introduce you to the most beautiful girls’ names starting with the letter T and also explain their origin and meaning to you.

We have almost all of them: Nordic, French, Greek, Persian, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Old High German, religious, rare, trendy and extraordinary girl names and of course one or the other timeless name classics. The baby names we have selected are different and come from different regions of the world, but they all begin with the letter T.

Let yourself be inspired by our multi-faceted list of names and convince yourself which jewelry the T has in store for you and your daughter. We hope that you will find a suitable maiden name that can take your parents’ hearts by storm. Have fun browsing through our most beautiful girl names starting with the letter T!

30 girls’ names beginning with the letter T including their origin and meaning:

Timea: The girl’s name, popular in Hungary among others, probably comes from the Greek and could be an abbreviation of Euthymia. If the pretty first name, which is quite rare in this country, is translated into German, Timea has the meanings “Das Gemüt” and “Die mit dem Gestüt”.

Tulay : Has Turkish roots as well as French and means “The veiled moon”, “The covered moon”, “The narrow crescent moon” and “The last rose”. No wonder that Tülay is very popular among expectant parents in Turkey, or what do you think?

Tessia : The somewhat rarer, but no less sonorous subsidiary form of Tessa can be derived from Teresa or Therese, among others, and thus has ancient Greek roots as well as the meanings “The woman from the island of Therasia” and “The woman from the island of Therasia”. In addition, Tessia can be translated as “The Huntress”, “The Fourth Child” and “The Fourth Born”. But of course also a wonderful choice of name for the first, second or third born!

Tamara : Is mentioned several times in the Old Testament, which is why the pretty maiden name has biblical-Hebrew roots. Literally translated, Tamara means “the date palm”, which in turn represents the symbol of beauty and grace. Further meanings are “those who love the land” and “life”. A magical alternative name that is given to the women of creation not only in this country, but also in Russia and Italy.

Theodor : The feminine and very sonorous name counterpart to Theodor comes from Old High German and means “The gift of God”. We can very well imagine that Theodora will experience a name comeback in the future. Maybe even with your help?

Tabea : Are you looking for a girl’s name related to the Bible? Then you might like the abbreviation of the Aramaic first name Tabitha, which means “the gazelle” and “the deer”. In Arabic, on the other hand, Tabea is translated as “Beauty” and “Have beautiful eyes”.

Tanya: Is mainly given to daughters in Russia, Ukraine and English-speaking countries and is a popular diminutive of Tatiana or Tatjana. Tanya therefore has a Latin name and means “The fighter”, “The creative”, “The Believers “and” The Creators “

Tugba :Comes from the Arabic language and culture and is particularly convincing to expectant parents in Turkey when looking for a name, but Tugba is no longer an unknown maiden name in this country either. Not only the unique sound, but also the diverse meanings “The Wonder Tree”, “The Paradise Tree”, “Life”, “Diversity of Fruits”, “The Creator” and “The Artist” can be heard, right?

Teresa : The popular and timeless name classic, which is also known in the slightly different spelling Theresa, should of course not be missing from our list of the most beautiful girls’ names with the initial letter T. The graceful-sounding maiden name, which means “the huntress” and “the woman from the island of Therasia”, has its origin in ancient Greek.

Taija: Have you first names from the far north taken care of? Then you should definitely consider the Finnish maiden name when searching for a name! Translated into German, Taija has the cute meanings “The Crowned”, “The Crown” and “The Sun”. A suitable and at the same time sonorous name alternative for your little sunshine.

Takara : Parents-to-be in Japan have always been enthusiastic about the girl’s name, which is very unusual in this country, which, in addition to the special sound, is certainly also related to the delightful meaning “the treasure”. Definitely a first name that cannot be heard on every corner and that also makes your daughter something very special by name!

Talia : Can be derived from the ancient Greek word “thallein” (in German: to bloom), which is why Talia means among other things “the blooming”. In addition, Talia can be translated as “The Dew of God” (Hebrew) and “The Star” (Persian). Truly a star in the first name heaven!

Tamina : Parents-to-be are particularly enthusiastic about the meanings “The little pearl”, “Pearl in the shell”, “The beautiful”, “The mistress” and “A noble person who searches for the truth” and also the sound of the pretty girl name is just gorgeous. Tamina has its origins in Greek.

Tine : The short and timeless girl’s name is of course the common short form of Christine. Thus, Tine has both Latin and ancient Greek roots and means “The Christian”, “The Christian woman” and “The anointed”

TUANA: “The first raindrop that falls into paradise” is the sugar-sweet meaning of the Arabic maiden name, which is particularly popular in Turkey. Well, does Tuana make it into your shortlist?

Tonje : Is widespread especially in Scandinavian countries and can be derived from Antonia and Tonja. The sonorous maiden name originally comes from Latin and has the meanings “The Antonian”, “The priceless” and “The divine”.

Tatienne : Doesn’t the maiden name just sound adorable? This is also the opinion of many expectant parents in France, who are happy to give Tatienne to their newborn daughters. The French version of Tatjana has Latin roots and means “the creative”, “the creative” and “the believer”.

Tala : Short, sonorous and beautiful! All of these characteristics are united in the enchanting maiden name, which has not only Persian but also Tagalog roots. In Persian, Tala stands for “gold”, whereas the meaning “bright star” comes from the Tagalog. Either way, a charming first name that your sweet daughter will certainly wear with a lot of pride and joy.

Tiara : The sonorous maiden name, which is common in English-speaking countries, comes across as really international, because Tiara has not only Latin, but also ancient Greek and English roots. Tiara has the beautiful meanings “angel of the future”, “the crown” and “the diadem”. Will your first name soon be able to adorn your daughter’s name?

Tilda : Can be derived from Mathilda and has established itself over the years as an independent and extremely popular first name for girls. Originally, Tilda comes from Old High German and has the strong meanings “The Fighter” and “The Mighty”. Not only in this country, but also in Scandinavia and in English-speaking countries, parents-to-be are enthusiastic about Tilda.

Tahmina : Has Persian roots and is given to the women of creation, especially in Afghanistan as well as Iraq and Iran. Not only the sound, but also the meanings “The one who seeks truth” and “The noble person” can score points with expectant parents. And the pretty maiden name was also able to convince us straight away!

Tea : Your daughter’s first name should not only be sonorous, but also as short and memorable as possible? Then we have a very suitable alternative name for you with the short form of Theodora. The maiden name, popular in Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden, among others, comes from ancient Greek and has the beautiful meaning “The gift of God”. If you choose Tea, you don’t have to worry about a possible shortcut.

Tilia : Although the maiden names Ottilia and Ottilie have unfortunately disappeared a bit in the sinking of the name, the short form Tilia sounds anything but outdated, doesn’t it? The maiden name can be derived from the Old High German word “ot” (in German: possession, wealth, inheritance), which is why Tilia can be translated as “the little possessor” and “the owner”. Tilia also means “the linden tree”.

Tenshi :Are you looking for an extraordinary girl’s name that can also inspire with enchanting meanings? Perhaps the Japanese first name, which is angelic in the truest sense of the word, can convince you in your search for a name, because Tenshi has the meanings “The Angel” and “The Heavenly Messenger”.

Tassia : Did you know that Tassia can be derived from the equally beautiful girl name Anastasia, which is widespread in Russia? We were also surprised at the first sound. Thus, Tassia has an ancient Greek origin and the meanings “those who should be resurrected” and “the resurrection”. Definitely a first name with a wow factor, right?

Tanviya :Has the enchanting meanings “Land of Sunshine” and “summer ” and has Kurdish roots. A sonorous alternative name and not just for girls born in summer!

Trisha : What does the pretty girl name have in common with the popular boy name Patrick? In fact, Trisha is a belittling form of the no less beautiful first name Patricia, which in turn represents the female name counterpart to Patrick. Thus Trisha has Latin roots and the meaning “The noble one”.

Talina : At first sound you wouldn’t necessarily guess it, but Talina is the Dutch pet form of Adelheid, which is why Talina has Old High German roots and means “The noble”, “The noble” and “Of noble nature”.

Trudi : Admittedly, the Old High German maiden name Gertrud sounds a bit old, but the common abbreviation Trudi does not! Literally translated, Trudi means “The Mighty”, “The Mighty” and “Spear and Power”. A happy-sounding girl’s name with that certain extra name.

Tuulia : Last but not least, we have a beautiful girl’s name, which is rare in this country, which is given to newborn daughters in particular and which means “the wind”. Whether your daughter with this first name will automatically become a little whirlwind remains to be seen with excitement.

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