Baby first name trends 2021: These baby names are particularly popular right now!

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Are you expecting a baby next year? Congratulations! Until you can hold your little miracle in your arms, you have to be patient a little longer, but you can spend the waiting time searching for a name. We don’t want to reveal too much, but we can announce that in advance: in this country, many classic first names will continue to be in trend next year .

However, the Emmas and Bens, who have occupied the top spot among the most popular first names for several years in a row, have been pushed from their namesake throne. In addition, the baby name trends in 2021 – at least in the USA and England – will be completed by one or the other well-known first name from popular films or series, such as ” Game of Thrones ” or ” Downtown Abbey “.

So that you can find a suitable and at the same time sonorous first name for your daughter or your son, we have put together beautiful girl and boy names with their origins and meanings, which will be trendy or new in 2021. We wish you a lot of fun searching for a name and hope that you will find what you are looking for. And here they are, baby name trends for 2021, starting with the women of creation.

These first names for girls are trendy in 2021

Emilia : The enchanting and very feminine-sounding first name made it to number 1 of the most popular girls’ names in Germany and Emilia is also widespread in Spain, Italy and English-speaking countries. The feminine form of Emilio has a Latin name origin and has the meanings “The hardworking”, “The imitative” and “The eager”.

Marigold : You will certainly hear this sonorous girl’s name, which is still quite unknown in this country, more often in the future and who knows, maybe you too will decide to name your daughter Marigold. The first name, which comes from English, became known through the popular TV series “Downtown Abbey”, which revolves around the life of an English aristocratic family. Marigold is made up of “Mary” and “gold” (in German: the gold) and means “the marigold”. A name as magical as your daughter! How do you like the article so far?

Frieda : “The Peaceful” and “The Peaceful” are among the beautiful meanings of the Old High German maiden name, which is once again very popular in this country and has made it into the top 10 most popular first names in recent years. If the first name is derived from the English maiden name Elfreda, Frieda can be translated as “Die Elfe” or “Starker Geist”. Either way, a wonderful alternative name for your sweet daughter.

Arya : The short and at the same time extraordinary girl’s name is especially known to the viewers of “Game of Thrones”, with the character Arya Stark being played by the actress Maisie Williams. Arya probably comes from Persian and means “the noble one” and “the pure one”. Translated from Italian, Arya has the strong meaning “The Lioness”. Not only worth considering for fans of the successful fantasy series.

Clio : The maiden name, which is a variant of Klio and Kleio, comes from ancient Greek and can be translated as “The Glorious” and “The Glorious”. In Greek mythology, Klio is one of the nine muses and muse for historiography and hero poetry. A magical alternative name that is not very well known yet, but is definitely gaining popularity due to its sound.

Lina : At the latest, when parents hear the cute meanings of the girl’s name, which comes from Latin, it has happened to her, because Lina means “little angel”, “the little one” and “the gentle one”. In addition, the feminine form of Linus is a popular abbreviation of the equally sonorous girls’ names Paulina and Angelina. We can understand that Lina will also be trendy in 2021 and will gladly be given to newborn daughters. A really beautiful first name that scores with parents not only with its sound, but also with its meanings.

Hanna : Here we have a pretty and very popular girl’s name that has Hebrew roots and its origins in the Bible. Translated into German, Hanna has the beautiful meanings “The Graceful”, “The Gracious” and “The Lovely”. No wonder that Hanna has been an integral part of the list of the most popular girls’ names for many years and will probably be given to many newborn daughters again next year. Maybe your daughter too?

Freya : Are you looking for an old Norse maiden name that can convince with a nice sound and memorable meanings? Then you might like the first name, popular and widespread throughout Scandinavia, with the meanings “The noblewoman”, “The noble”, “The ruler” and “The lady”. In Norse and Germanic mythology, Freya is also the goddess of love and beauty. Your daughter will definitely be more than pleased with this fact, or what do you think? We are at least very enthusiastic about the sonorous first name and are pretty sure that it will be one of the trendy baby names in 2021.

Ophelia : If you choose Ophelia, your daughter can look forward to the meanings “the winner” and “the advantageous one”. The girl’s name, which has ancient Greek roots, became known through Shakespeare’s drama “Hamlet”. In Spain and Italy, the graceful-sounding maiden name is already enjoying great popularity, and in this country, too, more and more parents are choosing Ophelia when looking for a name. We are curious to see what place the maiden name will reach next year in the list of the most popular first names.

Marie : The French variant of Maria originally comes from Hebrew and has the meanings “The beloved of God”, “The beloved” and “The stubborn”. A beautiful classic girl’s name that will continue to be on trend in 2021. Will Marie soon be able to decorate your own daughter by name?

Lea : Short, tight and beautiful. All these characteristics are united in the sonorous maiden name, which comes from the Hebrew and has a reference to the Bible. Lea can be interpreted in different ways, which is why the first name with “The ruler”, “The tired” and “The wild cow” has different meanings. In the Romance-speaking area, however, the meaning “The lioness” is common. We can well understand that Lea can already count itself among the trendiest baby names for the year 2021.

Ella : No wonder that the popular maiden name, which can be derived from Helena and therefore has Greek roots, conjures up a smile on the face of parents, because Ella means “the sun-like”, “the beautiful” and “the radiant”. In addition, Ella can be the abbreviation of Elisabeth or Eleonore, which is why “God is abundance” and “God is my light” are further meanings. Definitely a suitable maiden name for your little sunshine.

Now you already know which girl names are trending in 2021. Are you already curious how it looks with the men of creation? The secret will soon be revealed because here are the boy names that will be trending next year.

These first names for boys are trendy in 2021

Matteo : The Italian and Spanish versions of the equally beautiful boy’s name Matthias is becoming increasingly popular in this country and will top the list of the trendiest baby names in 2021. Matteo comes from Hebrew and has the religious meaning “gift of God”. With this sonorous first name you can bring a Mediterranean flair into your son’s nursery.

Theo : This now very popular boy name is the short form of Theodor, which in turn is made up of the Greek words “theos” (in German: God) and “doron” (in German: gift). Thus Theo has a Greek name origin and means “gift of God”. Will the boy’s name also find its way into your son’s nursery?

Elias : The Hebrew boy’s name has been an integral part of the list of the most popular baby names for many years, and many parents will also decide to name their son Elias in 2021. If the name is translated into German, Elias means “My God is Yahweh”. The name is known from the Tanach, in which Elias is written as the greatest prophet of Judaism.

Emil : The first name goes back to the old Roman family name Aemilius, which was carried by the people of the influential Aemilians family in the Roman Empire at that time. Since the first name was given more frequently to newborn boys again since the beginning of the 21st century, Emil has not disappeared from the list of the most popular baby names and probably will not in the next few years either. Emil means “the zealous”, “the imitator” and “the hardworking” and can score not only with its sound but also with its meanings.

Noah : Are you looking for a boy name related to the Bible? Then you should definitely consider the name Noah, which is known from the Old Testament and the story “Noah’s Ark”, when searching for a name. Noah has Hebrew roots and translates as “the comforting” and “the calming”. Although the first name is primarily given to newborn boys in this country, what many do not know is that Noah is a unisex name that can also be given to girls.

Henri : Members of the royal family as well as dukes and numerous nobles have always carried the beautiful boy’s name, which is the English and French version of Heinrich and has Old High German roots. For some years now, Henri has been enjoying great popularity again in this country and the year 2021 will not diminish its popularity. Your son would certainly be very happy about the strong meanings “The Mighty One”, “The Owner” and “The Ruler”.

Arlo : “Fortified hill”, “mountain” and “between two hills” are the unusual meanings of Arlo, which is a modification of the English boy’s name Harlow. Although the pretty boy name is mainly given to the men of creation in Anglo-American countries, the chances are more than good that Arlo will soon be trendy in this country too.

Felix : With this first name, you give your son an extra portion of happiness on his life path, because Felix has the wonderful meanings of “the lucky one”, “the lucky one” and “the successful one”. Felix used to be a Roman epithet that was also given to many rulers. No wonder that the first name, which comes from Latin, has been one of the most popular boy names in Germany for many years and will continue to be in trend in 2021.

Paul : In a nutshell, the popular boy’s name is convincing, which enchants parents in many countries around the world and is therefore trendy every year. The first name originally comes from Latin and means “the little one” and “the younger one”, which is why Paul is a very appropriate name for a younger sibling. But of course, if you are expecting your first child, Paul is a wonderful and timeless choice of name.

Archie : Ever since Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle gave their firstborn son the name Archie, the pretty boy name has also become more and more popular outside of the United Kingdom and is becoming more and more popular in this country too. Archie is the abbreviation of Archibald, which in turn is a derivative of the Old High German and somewhat dusty-sounding boy’s name Erkenbald. Not only the sound, but also the meanings “The Courageous” and “The Bold” contribute to the fact that Archie is increasingly given to newborns.

Finn : Anyone who thought that Finn would lose popularity in 2021 is wrong, because the first name, which by the way can also be given to girls, remains in trend and will often continue to decide the choice of name for itself. It’s not clear, but the most likely thing is that Finn has old Norse roots. Depending on the derivation, Finn has the meanings “The Finn” and “The Blonde”.

Leon : Not only in this country, but also in many other European countries, above all Spain, France and Greece, the boy’s name conquers the hearts of many parents and is often given to newborns. In addition to Latin, Leon also has Greek and Old High German roots and has the convincing meanings of “The Lion”, “The Strong” and “The Fighter”. We can very well understand that Leon will not be missing from the list of the most popular baby name trends.

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