Childbirth: how do you choose the hospital for the long-awaited day?

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As the birth approaches, many mothers are starting to wonder which hospital to go to, but how do you choose the facility?

Certainly the choice of the hospital in which to go to give birth when you have your first child is never very easy .

There are many influences and advice that new parents feel coming from relatives, friends, colleagues , but as we have seen, the preparatory course certainly gives a great help.

Apparently the FNCO (the National Federation of Obstetric Colleges) has developed a useful decalogue , where the word safety prevails more than all. So much so that giving birth safely is a prerogative that every mother must take into consideration.

Obviously, the type of climate you breathe inside the various structures taken into consideration and above all what kind of impression you have must also be associated with this . In this case, taking advantage of your sixth sense can be very useful.

The premise, therefore, is to start from one’s own considerations without being too influenced by the experiences of others because the birth every birth is by itself.

Childbirth: choose the hospital based on the number of deliveries and levels

The number of deliveries within a hospital is essential as a parameter for choosing the one that’s right for you.

The more parts there have been, the more it means that the structure is able to cope with any type of complication . The minimum level of annual deliveries below which one should not go down to choose the hospital where to deliver is 500 .

A hospital where many deliveries are registered is better equipped in case something does not work as per the protocol for both the birth and the health of the child.

It is also important to keep in mind that hospitals are classified through the attribution of multiple levels . So if a pregnancy is complicated , for example it is twins or the mother suffers from hypertension or obesity, the advice of the FNCO is to go to a second or third level hospital, that is, equipped with neonatal intensive care .

Delivery: Choose the hospital based on the number of deliveries and the VBAC

The number of caesarean deliveries is also a requirement to be taken into strong consideration . This does not mean that if there are many caesarean sections then the hospital must be discarded, because according to the law of large numbers it is possible that even for these the numbers are high.

However, however, it is necessary to understand if there is an abuse of the practice by the hospital .

Secondly, then for women who have already had a caesarean section, the ideal hospital should give this the possibility of giving birth in a natural way if there are possibilities.

There are not many structures that guarantee VBAC, but it is important to rely on them. 

Childbirth: choose the hospital on the guarantee of the epidural and on the possibility of having labor in the position you want

One thing to take into great consideration is the fact that every hospital must guarantee an epidural 24 hours a day .

To understand this aspect, just consult the hospital’s Service Charter .

Furthermore, the ideal hospital structure should make the mother choose how to give birth . This is not nonsense because there are so many hospitals that force the woman to lie down for the whole time of labor , even if it is a completely unnatural position.

Choosing a structure that allows the mother to walk, to squat if she wishes or to remain seated is of vital importance.

The presence of the partner is also essential, but now almost all structures allow it.

Childbirth: choose the hospital based on the practice of rooming in and breastfeeding

Rooming in means that the baby can sleep all night next to the mother , in the same room.

A requirement that is important for many mothers, but not universal in the sense that some mothers may decide they want to sleep the whole night , perhaps after a difficult and long birth.

In this case, the structure must guarantee the care of the newborn in the nursery . Finally, choosing a hospital that promotes breastfeeding without forcing the mother can be of great help not only for her, but also for the baby.

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