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The baby has arrived and with him the thrill of choosing what style he will have and the clothes to buy him. What can be really difficult, however, is to predict what size he will have to wear  and when to switch from one to the other.

How baby sizes work

If you have arrived or arrived here, it is because you have searched for children’s clothing sizes on some search engine. First, what are the  main factors  to keep in mind when choosing the size for baby clothes ? The various brands on sale offer different parameters, but the most popular, for ease, is age . Height comes next , more rarely weight or size .

Baby weight

Consider that a healthy, well-fed baby increases, on average, 150-200g per week . This, however, is a highly variable factor and, therefore, not suitable for a safe choice . Also, not all parents have baby scales  at home and you can’t always go to the pediatrician! If you then consider many babies who are not born with the standard weight (3500-4000g), you understand that it is a factor to take into consideration, but not the only one.

Infant size by age

Really very simple, however, is to orient oneself with age . Most of the time, the label of clothing for newborns indicates the  maximum number of months or the age range in which to use the garment. So, if your baby is 2 months old, obviously we will no longer be able to get him a dress that indicates a maximum age of 1 month.

The problem with this method, however, lies in the vagueness of the unit of measurement : not all newborns are equally large at the same age! Therefore, although it is a very convenient and mostly valid system, you could fall into one of those cases in which the garment purchased with this method is not suitable for the real size  of your child.

Sizes of the newborn in cm

We finally come to the height . From birth, height is a very important parameter in the evaluation of the newborn. For our purposes, knowing how tall (or long) is is very convenient, because it will tell us how big the baby actually is. Also, it is a much more used  weight parameter for baby clothing brands, making it easier to find.

Therefore, whether the baby is 1, 3 or 6 months old, comparing his height will give us more confidence  about when to redo his wardrobe! Also because, if you have walked around the baby department of some clothing store, you have certainly noticed that different garments with the same age can have very different sizes!

Newborn size chart

Below, for convenience, I indicate some indicative correspondence between the age of the newborn and the height in cm :

  • Premature – 45 cm
  • 0 months – 50 cm
  • 1 month – 54 cm
  • 3 months – 60 cm
  • 9 months – 67 cm

By the time you are 9 months old, you will surely be able to choose for yourself without having to google “children’s clothing”! Remember, therefore, not to rely on just one size system, but check which one, in your case, is most suitable for dressing your baby correctly !

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